Saturday, 11 August 2012

A going away present for HappyCabbie

So it's finally happened. After abusing the shit out of Tweetdeck, Twitlonger and Facebook, yours truly has taken the advice and finally just opened a Blogger account. And I figured that since this is my first posting, I may as well clear some issues raised in a certain persons last (oh dear God, I hope its his last) post. That person being none other than the HappyCabbie.

Now I know I promised a YouTube video a while back about HappyCabbie, and his budding relationship with my old friend and professional author, musician, poet, YouTube Celebrity, scam artist Brett Keane, but unfortunately plans change, work and personal life takes priority over making YouTube videos, yadda yadda. And now any video would probably just look like an attempt to re-ignite drama, particularly since this is not going to be a response to something HappyCabbie posted to YouTube specifically. (although I will mention certain things with videos linked)

HappyCabbie posted a blog on Sunday called Feeling Used, which was nothing more than a pathetic attempt to garner sympathy from his followers on Blogger and Twitter. Perhaps he genuinely believes what he wrote is true, or perhaps he's just a dishonest weasel like a lot of us know him to be, but either way allow me to perform my civic duty and present the facts over why HappyCabbie is shunned by so many these days.

"Yesterday was not a good day for me..."

I'll spare you his tragic story about a case of diarrhea, but if you really must read about that part, you can read his entire blog post here.

"Of course during this time I got the usual requests for help in my inbox and on skype.

Even as I told people I was not feeling well, they continued to message me. Apparently I am not allowed a sick day. I am expected to help people no matter how bad I feel."

I remember HappyCabbie complaining about this a while back. The problem is when you post hundreds of instructional videos about YouTube features and glitches, and label your YouTube and Twitter channels with a tagline of I make tutorials on YouTube and parodies, you really shouldn't complain when people think that you're the best person to ask for advice. And if someone can't take the hint that maybe this isn't the best time to ask you for help, you have a little feature on both YouTube and Skype called blocking. It's simple, yet very effective. I tested it rigorously on your YouTube and Twitter accounts several months back.

"Ironically the only person who did contact me who just wanted to see how I was doing was the "evil" Brett Keane. He didn't need anything. He just wanted to say hello. When he found out I was sick he stayed on skype with me for a few hours trying to cheer me up. "

Most people tend to avoid talking to you unless absolutely necessary these days Cabbie. Have you ever asked yourself 'why'?

I mean it couldn't possibly be the endless hypocrisy of repeating YouTube's lie about how they checked every single flagged video, until you were personally hit by a 'false flagging', could it?
It couldn't have anything to do with the fact you gave a fully partnered YouTube account to a wife beating, rape-shaming, DMCA abusing, cyber-stalking, doc-dropping fraud and shiftless welfare cheat (if I missed anything, please add it below) like Brett Keane?
It can't in any way be that you've started flagging videos critical of Brett's behaviour, or demonstrating how he exploits his kids?
Could it have something to do with your request that your subscribers do what this welfare sponge is supposed to but can't be bothered to and provide his kids with supplies for school?

It definitely couldn't have a damn thing to do with your capitalising on the death of a respected user on YouTube to garner sympathy. A man that you treated like he was something you would scrape off the bottom of your shoe in life, yet pretended was one of your closest friends after he died for the sake of traffic towards your channel. A man who's passing caused great heartache and emotional pain to many people from all sorts of "communities" on YouTube, but to you was a way to increase ad-revenue. It couldn't possbily be that could it?

No, it's because people are just looking for a new target to pick on, now that we've abandoned making video after video about "the evils of Brett Keane", and nothing to do with the fact you have been the most fake, two faced, shallow weasels to ever have graced YouTube. We all feel your pain Cabbie.

"Anyway, I think I am going to take a break from the internet for a while. It might be a week, it might be two weeks or even longer. I just can't be everyone's resource all the time. I need some me time."
At the time of writing this, HappyCabbie has posted a tweet that is supposed to be his last, and changed the description of the HappyCabbie YouTube channel to read  

"This is The HappyCabbie. I had fun, but I consider this account officially retired."

One can only hope this status is true and not simply a trick he's picked up from his new pal Brett of threatening to leave and letting the sympathetic messages (all 3 of them) flood in. If he does in fact come back after a few days or weeks, he'll still be the same scuzzball that he is today. Nothing's changed over his 5 years on YouTube, so why would anything change in a few weeks off of it? Maybe he's moving on to his live shows since YouTube is from what we're led to believe, his primary source of income. Or maybe he's genuinely had enough of having nobody willing to talk with him on a social level, except the most despised man on YouTube.

Whatever the case is, let me be the first to say...

Good riddance, you worthless prick!


  1. I believe he is suffering from end stage liver failure, and his "roommates" aren't helping with rent and have left, and he is hoping people will forget about his fuckery after a few weeks. Fortunately his record of lying, scheming, etc is permanent on youtube. CHEERS!

    1. In some of your videos, you've talked about the filth & squalor caused (by among other things) the fact that somebody that Obese can't wipe properly & that he insisted on walking around Naked a lot (again with the obesity & clothes being uncomfortable & hot). Do you think that the same problems you talked about re;Bodily excretions/fluids left on chairs etc' may have had a bearing on the fact that his housemates left (apparently without paying rent) or do you see something else in this? I only ask because having lived with the guy for so long you saw things that the rest of us have no idea about & it's now obvious to all but the most braindead fanboi that he can't be trusted & he's trying to milk his dwindling subs before they're all gone. ps, sorry i ever doubted you Nick, but i wasn't the only one. Thanx for your time & be well ☮

  2. Thank-you shredder, you've made the post that many would have loved to have made. I have close to a hundred contacts that feel as you do about the way Cabbie is behaving. His recent video about how we're all lying about how he's losing subs will shortly be shown to be BS by evidence supplied by me to Krensharpwns, who is 1 of many users happy to make videos about Cabbies behaviour. I'm rubbish at videos, but they don't do it for me, they themselves are sick of what they see & how they've been treated. I could talk forever (almost) about the shit Cabbies pulled & (Thanx to some fanbois he still has left) i've been re-watching some of Nick Bravo's old vids with new eyes & am wondering if a lot of us didn't believe Cabbies version of events re; Sexual harassment too easily? I wish we could have had the chance to talk about this with each other but i think you've covered a lot & done a service to the entire YT community (such as it is), i just hope they appreciate it ☮

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  5. His response, you properly already seen it, or made a blogspot. I'll check your blog anyway.

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